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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Learn how we can make stocking net flowers

  • Stocking net Red and Orange 
  • Fancy stocking yellow colour
  • Green stocking light and dark
  • Stocking wire 
  • Seam wire 
  • Big and small Bud cones
  • Floral tape
  • UHU gum, Thread 
  • Stones red and orange

1.Make flower buds of stocking
2.Take the steam wire of 15 inches and insert the cone bud in the stone wire
3.Now wrap the fancy stocking on the bud tightly with thread and cut the extra stocking from bud
4.Make all the bud by that ,now make petels of simple stocking net cloth

6.For big petels take 9 inches long stocking wire and turn the edges of the wore by twisted together
7.For small flowers take 7inches long wire and shape it like a pate
8.Make 3,3 petels for small flowers and 5 petel for big flower
9.Now take the simple stocking net cloth and wrap it around the wire , but make sure that the 10.stocking net cloth should be tightened around the wire and then tie it with thread and cut the extra 11.stocking wire around a patel. Make all patel like that

12.Little little twisted the stocking wire pettle by your hands moving up and down your finger
13.Now make eaves of light and dark green stocking
14.Take 7 inches long wire and shape it like leaves with your hand
15.Wrap stocking clothe and tightened it around the leaves, tie it with thread & cut extra wire
16.1 leave is ready make 2 lite and 2 dark leave for each stem

17.Take the three petels of stocking & tie them all around the cone bud wire with thread
18.Now wrap floral tap on the flower stem.
19.At last 2 lite green and 2 dark green leaves on the stem with thread and then wrap the floral tape on the stem wire left.
20.Now 1 stoking flower stem is ready
21.Ready all stocking flower stem by following that method.
22.Now take orange and red stone and past on the flower bud

        After making Decorate in the crystal pot for good looking.